Roxy Horror Show

Likes: B Horror Movies, Halloween, Chocolate, Rockabilly Music, & Collecting Strange Things.

Dislikes: Giner Shiners, Cabbage, & Normalcy.

Bio: I love to craft and draw and of course…play Derby. When I win my millions I am

opening up a Roller Rink/Art Shop. I will skate by day and create by night.

Motto: “A skate in the face is worth two in the bush.”

Fave Things About Derby: The Waitress, Bad Ass Chicks, Hits, Strategy, my AWESOME teammates.

2011 Award –> Best Derby Name, Most Derby Love & Most Team Spirit 2012 Award –> Best Derby Name, Best Wipeout, Penalty Box Queen, HM: Best Makeup, HM: Most Derby Love 2013 Award –> Best Makeup