Fresh Meat


So you want to roll with the South Okanagan Roller Derby Association and take your first steps towards becoming a derby girl? You may feel unsure and intimidated by the idea of playing a full contact sport or maybe you’re itching to get on the track and throw some booty around! Either way SORDA is here to help you get started. We will teach you basic skating and derby skills and rules. You will progress into learning about skating in a pack, involving strategy in the game, and yes….how to hit and hit hard! SORDA is committed to building a fun and competitive roller derby league in the South Okanagan and welcomes all skaters of all levels.

Head over to Derby 101 to learn a little bit more about Roller Derby and Gear.

We have Fresh Meat packages available to those who are interested (see below).

You can also email to speak to our Fresh Meat Committee and see how you can get started!!


Fresh Meat Guide

You will find everything you need to know about SORDA and how to get started playing roller derby in our very own guide!
Download it here:

SORDA Fresh Meat Guide


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