February 16th, 2017
Meeting Room #7, Penticton Community Centre

February 21st, 2017
Ballroom, Penticton Trade and Convention Centre
RSVP to sordameat@gmail.com or find the event on Facebook under “SORDA Meat & Greet”

The South Okanagan Roller Derby Association would like to formally introduce the area
to Penticton’s only Flat Track Roller Derby Team, the Penticton Pistoleras!
We are hosting a two night information and recruitment program this year. An
information night, open to the public, will be at 7pm on Thursday, February 16th
in Meeting Room 7 at the Penticton Community Centre.
This evening will consist of a league introduction, a summary of our operations, the
value of community support in roller derby, plus video footage/demonstrations of the
rules of the game, penalties, and exciting derby techniques.
We encourage all members of the public to attend our information night. Loyal fans, the
curious, business owners looking for unique exposure, potential skaters… this night is
for all of you!
Our second night will be 6:30pm on Tuesday, February 21st at the Penticton
Trade and Convention Centre.
This night will be active skating, and participants are encouraged to make the previous
Thursdays information night to get sized up for gear, and have all the necessary
paperwork completed.
RSVP’s must be sent to sordameat@gmail.com for the second night as
there is limited skating gear available.
The Pistoleras are training hard for a great 2017 season, and we want YOU to have an
opportunity to join us! We are scheduled to hit the track for our first bout of the season
in April.
Come and learn how you can be a part of Roller Derby!

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