Likes: Knee High Socks, Purple, Blue, & Chocolate.

Dislikes: Strawberry Yogurt & Slowpoke Drivers.

Bio: Grew up in small town Saskatchewan, moved to Northern BC then finally came to mysenses and moved to the Okanagan in 2007. I’m the youngest of five and I remember my older sisters
would take me to the roller rink in Saskatoon when I was quite young (I’m pretty sure my mom said that if they wanted to go they had to take me and my brother). I started skating again in April/11. I joined Roller Derby so I could meet new people and knock them down!!

Motto: “Skate as one, work together.”

Fave Thing About Derby: EVERYTHING from the ladies I skate with, the socks, strategizing,

pivoting, skating, even the dreaded derby stance!

2011 Award –> Best Socks & Best Booty Block 2012 Award –> Best Socks, Worst Injury 2013 Award –> Worst Injury